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Boat trip

First of all, a little explanation is essential. In the cavity that contains the hearing, at the base of the skull, a complex system connected to semicircular canals, there is fluid. By moving the head in one direction or the other, this liquid travels through the said channels and transmits various information to the brain.

Valentine's Day, A moment of well-being spent alone or in pairs

Valentine's Day is not just a time to have fun, go out and eat chocolates. This holiday can also be a great occasion to celebrate love in the broad sense. Love for yourself and for those who are dear to you. And if this time, you celebrate February 14 in...

Pets:Natural Treatments That Will Do Them Good

We reveal you different 100 green recipes, cheap and easy to make!! Most of the shampoos available in supermarkets are loaded with toxic products and are aggressive for our dogs. And if you had the idea to share your shower gel with your doggie, know that its potential Hydrogen pH...

The essential for a mosquito-free summer

Summer has finally arrived! It's time to get out and enjoy the good weather and the fresh air: see friends, go camping, relax in the evening around a fire and get eaten by mosquitoes! Unfortunately, spring and summer are synonymous with the return of the insects. Insect repellants are often...

Fathers Day

Father's Day is coming soon and why not change a simple tie and give him products that will make him happy while being good for his health! Healthy lifestyles are more and more important in humans and this, through the different generations. We believe that giving them a gift that...

Aromatherapy with accessories!

Have you noticed that when wearing a perfume or even an essential oil, the smell eventually fades and the scent effect only lasts a few hours. In fact, we wouldn't want a smell that is too lingering. What we want is for the scenting effect to last throughout the day....

Simple tips for a successful Valentine's Day

Essential oils are recognized for their benefits and we present here its many facets for a guaranteed sweet moment. Have you already created your combination of massage oils and personalized bath oils? We present 3 different recipes to try with your partner to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. But...

Do you know aromatherapy?

Although mainly known for the diffusion of room fragrances, aromatherapy is an approach to therapeutic care through the essence of plants. The essence is extracted from the plant to make "essential oil" (which contains no oil or fat, but rather a concentrate of plant extracts).