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The essential for a mosquito-free summer

Summer has finally arrived! It's time to get out and enjoy the good weather and the fresh air: see friends, go camping, relax in the evening around a fire and get eaten by mosquitoes! Unfortunately, spring and summer are synonymous with the return of the insects. Insect repellants are often loaded with chemical and carcinogenic ingredients. Mosquitoes are sometimes carriers of contagious diseases that don't just leave us with a red, itchy mark on our skin. peau.

Fortunately, Naturiste presents you with a 100 natural solution. Rather than using a chemical insect repellent on the skin which, quite frankly, repels people more than mosquitoes, why not enjoy a mild fragrance that is just as effective against mosquito bites We have combined the virtues oftus de three different essential oils, with beautiful fragrances, but are completely natural and will not leave a chemical residue on your skin and clothes.

The three oils used are lemon leucalyptus, geranium and Ceylon lemongrass::

  • Lemon Leucalyptus is a fruity essential oil that works both as a natural repellant and as an anti-inflammatory on insect bites.s.
  • Geranium, when it comes to it, is a rather floral essential oil, which acts as a prevention against bites but also as a disinfectant.
  • Ceylon citronella essential oil has long been used for its relaxing properties, it is an aroma recognized also as a powerful mosquito repellant.s.


Our news Citron range contains these three 100 natural essential oils. You can now enjoy wonderful summer days and evenings without the inconvenience of mosquitoes by using a range of products with fresh and natural aromas. If mosquitoes ever manage to get to you, our products will help disinfect the bites and also decrease the irritation.on.

So go out and enjoy the beautiful summer days!!

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