Collagen: A complete overview


Our body's natural collagen production begins to decline with age, which is why some people prefer to increase their collagen intake with supplements to support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen contains smaller proteins that are easier to disolve. Fully hydrolyzed collagen is soluble in cold and hot liquids. Unflavored and odorless, it is easy to mix with smoothies, coffee, fresh fruit juice or even water.

This type of hydrolyzed collagen is better known as collagen peptides but can also be called collagen hydrolysate. Naturiste Fundamental Collagen is hydrolyzed.

Collagen is often hydrolyzed for the benefit of your body. The hydrolysis process breaks down the amino acid chains of the protein. This makes the nutrients - for collagen, its important amino acids are called arginine, proline, glycine and hydroxyproline - easier and faster to digest.

Let’s talk about the different types of Collagen

When it comes to the most frequently asked topics about collagen, information about the different types of collagen is among the most popular. While there are many different forms of collagen, types I, II, and III are the most common ones you'll find in supplements. You can incorporate these healthy proteins into your diet by eating bone-enriched foods, such as eating cartilage right off the bone, eating bone-in fish, eating organ meats or drinking bone broth. An even easier way to increase your collagen levels is to take a bone broth supplement.

Naturiste's collagen peptides are rich in types I and III. Keep reading to learn more about these different types of collagen.

Type I Collagen

Type I collagen is the most common type of collagen in the body. It is the type you are probably thinking of if you want to maintain the collagen levels in your skin, hair or nails. It's worth noting that, like all types of collagen, Type I collagen levels begin to decline at about age 25. Because it is so prevalent in connective tissues, we often find that the decline in type I collagen results in features such as sagging skin, fine lines, brittle nails and thinning hair. But type I collagen is not just a beauty-related substance. It is also a major component of tendons, organs, and bones. That makes it an essential part of any diet or wellness routine, especially if you stay active as you age. Collagen peptides are primarily composed of type I collagen.

Our Collagen 5000 is type I as well as the complete Collagen body care line!

Type II Collagen

Another type of collagen frequently found in supplements is type II collagen. Although it is less present in the body than type I, type II collagen is extremely important. It is the main component of cartilage and is extremely healthy for the skeletal system. Type II collagen is useful in treating pain associated with injuries, arthritis, and surgery.

Many Naturiste products contain type II collagen, such as Supra Collagen and the Collagen II + Vitamin C capsules.

Type III Collagen

Type III collagen is also present in Naturiste's line of collagen products. The third most common type of cartilage, type III is usually found in reticular fibers, such as in bone marrow. It is usually found alongside type I collagen in the body and plays an important role in skin elasticity and wrinkle minimization. In addition, type III collagen has proven to be valuable in treating health problems associated with inflammation. Collagen 5000 and the Collagen body care line would be part of this type.

In conclusion, each type of Collagen is essential to the proper functioning of our body, whether it is for skin, hair and nails, or for joints and bones.

It is so easy and fast to integrate this odorless and tasteless product into your daily routine, bringing you great benefits. You can add it to your coffee, juice or water in the morning. And, if you're feeling adventurous, try a collagen smoothie!

Berry delicious smoothie recipe

1 portion

Ingredients :

Optional garnish toppings : Coconut flakes

Directions :

  • Add ingredients to your blender in the order listed so that the liquid is at the bottom.
  • Blend on medium speed, increasing the speed until the smoothie is thick and smooth.

Smoothie x Collagène ;) Rien de mieux que ce smoothie pour commencer ou finir votre journée ! #breakfast #dinner #food #recipes #fruits #smoothie

There you go! Quick and easy! Enjoy!


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