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With so many sports nutrition products on the market, many people feel overwhelmed at first and don't know where to turn. Here is a complete overview of all the sports nutrition products that Naturiste offers, including 3 different types of protein, mass gainer, pre-workout and electrolytes.

Our Whey Protein products

One of the most common types of protein in sports nutrition products such as powders, supplements and drinks is whey, which comes from dairy products.

Most of the protein found in protein bars, drinks and powders is derived from milk. When milk is made into cheese or yogurt, the remaining liquid is called whey.

There are different types of whey proteins, including undenatured whey, whey isolate and whey concentrate.


  • Contains 95% protein per portion
  • Contains 85-90% of protein per portion


  • Contains 50-55% of protein per portion

The main difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is that the isolate undergoes more processing, resulting in a higher protein content, with less carbohydrate, lactose and fat. Undenatured whey protein, on the other hand, refers to proteins that are processed directly from milk, NOT from whey that comes from the by-product of the cheese making process. Therefore, undenatured protein has a higher protein intake per serving than isolate and concentrate.

Both whey isolate and whey concentrate are high quality proteins, and it is reasonable to assume that they will produce similar effects if an equivalent dose of protein is taken.

That said, people who limit their intake of fat, carbohydrates or lactose may prefer whey isolate because it is lower than whey concentrate in these three components.

While research supports the beneficial effects of whey protein for active people, there is no clear evidence of the differences between the effects of whey isolate and whey concentrate. Choosing the right product is simply a matter of understanding your body's needs. Our consultants are here to guide you in this choice!

Finally, we also offer undenatured whey protein products
Undenatured whey protein refers to whey protein that is processed directly from milk, NOT from whey that comes from the by-product of the cheese making process. Therefore, undenatured protein has a higher protein intake per serving.

Undenatured whey protein is considered the healthiest protein powder on the market for many reasons. It is an easily digested whey protein, which makes it appealing to athletes and people looking to build muscle. Undenatured whey protein contains a potent form of glutathione, an important antioxidant that is excellent for preventing cell damage.

Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer provides a high quality caloric intake for a natural and rapid muscle gain, in addition to providing the energy necessary for activity and promoting rapid recovery. Naturiste offers a mass gain in chocolate or vanilla flavor!


Electrolytes provide superior hydration and are great during a high-intensity workout or right after. However, it is okay to consume electrolytes throughout the day to stay well hydrated, especially in the summer! Electro Choc not only tastes like delicious blue raspberries, it also contributes to the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums, as well as the formation of connective tissue. Of course, it provides the body with plenty of energy and hydration! 


Nos Burst is a sports training supplement that temporarily helps reduce fatigue, promotes a sense of alertness and improves cognitive and motor performance. Generally taken 30 minutes before a workout to ensure optimal energy.

And so much more

In addition to all these great products, we also offer sports supplements, as well as plant-based and vegan protein options!

There really is something for everyone who wants to get in shape and stay in top shape.


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