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Since 1968, Naturiste has been supporting you in your search for well-being. With their 48 stores in Quebec, Naturiste advisers are trained to help you select the natural products you need to fully enjoy life. We are a company entirely dedicated to natural wellness products, and each of our actions has a social impact towards your well-being.

Live well, be better!

Right from the start, here's a man with a mission

Jean-Marc Brunet is a boxer and a blood clot in his brain forces him to temporarily withdraw from competition. He then discovers a book that will soon change his life "Never be sick again: the secret of longevity", by Robert G. Jackson. This book exposes the virtues of healthy eating habits and a way of life that lead to a radical improvement in a person's quality of life. Absolutely fascinated by his reading, Jean-Marc Brunet will henceforth put all his energies into transmitting his fascinating discovery to Quebecers.

The journalist businessman

While pursuing studies in naturopathy, Jean-Marc Brunet was hired by the French-speaking radio station CKLM. He was asked to host a show on alternative medicine and the station was quickly inundated with calls from listeners who wanted to learn more about the discipline. Driven by the sacred fire, the young naturopath soon opened his first clinic in his apartment in Outremont and took care of a long list of patients who never stopped growing.

Our history