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Feminine appearance


Several factors influence how a woman feels about her body and the benchmarks are often unattainable targets. Premature aging can be countered, but aging cannot be countered. You can't look like a 15- to 20-year-old supermodel, retouched by computer. It is possible to take care of your breasts, skin, hair, veins and weight in a natural way with sometimes simple ingredients or advice.

Varicose veins


Varico is an abnormal and permanent dilation of a vein in the leg (usually the internal and external saphene vein) or the thigh, which is accompanied by a dilation of its walls. Hemorrhoids are also another form of varicose veins in the rectum.



Breasts are a symbol of female sexuality and motherhood. Breast reduction is now the second most performed cosmetic surgery operation, while half of the operations are for breast augmentation. These statistics make you think...