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Chewing well helps us manage our weight



There has been talk recently about our daily calorie needs. We saw in particular that these needs were individual and that it was not possible to express them by a figure that could suit everyone. We specified that people who are too fat should reduce their calorie intake until they return to their normal weight. In the cases of skinny people, this is a completely different story.

Problems of assimilation in lean people

While it is permissible to say that people who are too fat eat too much and need to reduce their calorie intake, it is certainly not permissible to argue that those who are lean eat too little and therefore need to increase their calorie intake. What is true in the case of fat people is not necessarily true in the case of lean people.

In fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, leanness is mainly due to assimilation disorders. It may be due to insufficient food intake, but this cause is very rare. It is obviously found in some places where starvation occurs, as well as in people who suffer from anorexia nervosa for example, but it is quite obvious in most cases that leanness comes from a disruption in the mechanisms of assimilation.

For all sorts of reasons, the digestive system of lean people fails to properly take advantage of the food provided to them. This system is then in trouble, which presupposes some corrections.

The necessary corrections

Generally speaking, people who assimilate poorly have nervousness disorders. So these people first of all need calm and relaxation. They must impose a certain food discipline, including eating very slowly by thoroughly chewing their food. This discipline is fundamental. In many cases, this is enough to solve the problem.

In other cases, it is necessary to give the digestive system some rest. It is then necessary to temporarily reduce food intake to allow the digestive organs to regain their normal functional capacity. Sometimes juice cures and even fasting are very useful. Such a rest of the digestive tract is therefore to be considered in rebellious cases.

The choice of food is also important. It is wrong to believe that one necessarily fattens by consuming high-calorie foods. It must always be remembered that it is what we assimilate that matters and not what we swallow. Rest of the digestive tract also involves the consumption of easily digestible food.

As can be seen, thinness and obesity often have the same causes, food overload. In both cases, the solution is the same : reduce food intake.