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Good follow-up helps breast firmness



How to keep beautiful breasts

There are many factors that promote breast beauty. A few anatomical concepts will allow us to better understand the situation. You should first know that the breast is held in place by the skin. If it is released, the breast will only sag. Hence the importance of maintaining the tone of the many small muscles found in the skin as we will see earlier.


Breast size and density are also of great importance. It is obvious that large, heavy breasts are more likely to sag than smaller breasts. Two factors justify the size and density of the breasts: the development of the mammary gland and the degree of fat infiltration. In this regard, obesity is a disfavoring factor.


The bulge of the chest is also important. A breast that rests on a well-opened chest is fixed on an oblique plane. It can thus fight sagging better than a breast that rests on a tucked chest that lacks amplitude. Similarly, the development of the pectoral muscles plays in the same direction.


Some practical tips

Maintaining the skin muscles that cover the mammary gland is the most important element in keeping beautiful breasts. These muscles in the skin can be toned by regular gymnastics. This is achieved by cold water ablutions on the breasts. There are devices that can shower the breasts. They are particularly effective. Cold water causes the skin muscles to contract (creating the phenomenon of goosebumps), giving them the gymnastics they need to tone them up. Cold water ablutions can be used two or three times a day when the occasion permits.


Exercises that open the ribcage are also helpful. Lying on your back, on the ground or on a bench, arms extended in crosses, a load in each hand, you raise your arms vertically and then you take back the starting position. Repeated several times, with sufficient loads, this exercise is excellent for pectorals. In the same position, but this time the arms along the body, we extend our arms backwards and then return to the starting position. This exercise completes the first.


Wearing a bra

Wearing a bra has its pros and cons. Among these, it should be noted that he opposes any work of supporting the skin muscles. On the other hand, it protects against the jolts that stretch the skin. It is useful in sports practice, but should not be worn continuously.