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But what causes cramps?


There are various theories to explain these cramps. Here are the main ones:

  • for some, they are the result of dehydration;
  • for others, cramps are thought to be caused by sodium deficiency;
  • others also talk about a deficiency, but potassium this time;
  • cramps are also thought to result from muscle fatigue;
  • some speak of a lack of oxygen and an increase in lactic acid in the muscle;
  • still others believe that they would be the result of a lack of muscle warm-up.

All these theories have some meaning. As a result, cramps can probably be avoided:

  • Drinking enough
  • Ensuring a good intake of potassium, as well as calcium and magnesium;
  • Breathing deeply to ensure good oxygenation
  • properly warming muscles before straining them tightly
  • avoiding pushing muscle fatigue too far.