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Cholesterol is good. Too much cholesterol can be harmful


Fat is found in most of the foods we eat. They are necessary for the production of energy. They produce the heat our body needs, protect our internal organs and are a source of vitamins.


Cholesterol has a molecular structure that gives it certain properties of fatty substances. It is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It draws cholesterol from two different sources: the liver synthesizes part of it, the rest comes from food. Cholesterol is present in all animal tissues; it is not found in plants.


Why can it sometimes be dangerous?

All dietary fatty bodies undergo digestive transformations in the small intestine: they are broken into smaller elements. Cholesterol does not undergo these transformations. It is simply emulsified by the bile and assimilated in the small intestine.


In the blood, cholesterol is insoluble. It is in this form that it is useful to the nervous system. However, in the arteries, it cannot be eliminated; it must wait to be used. If it is in excess, it may be deposited in the blood vessels. It then contributes to shrinking the latter and to hardening them. This makes it harder for blood to flow through the blood vessels, increases blood pressure, and causes the heart to try to activate blood mass prematurely.


It is therefore the excess cholesterol that is dangerous. If it is found in the blood in limited quantities, cholesterol can cause no problems. The solution therefore consists in maintaining a normal blood cholesterol level.


Three effective ways to control cholesterol

  1. The first plea is found in a balanced feeding. The consumption of animal fat must be reduced considerably. All these fats, as we know, contain cholesterol. Thus, fatty meat, cream and butter will have to be subject to certain restrictions.
  2. The second plea relates to the author 'physical exercise. You can burn excess cholesterol by doing more exercise. In this respect, however, it must be understood that the exercise must be intensive. The simple fact of doing some gymnastics movements is not enough.
  3. The third way is to take a regular lecithin supplement. Lecithin prevents cholesterol from settling in the arteries. It is an emulsifier of very first value that can prevent serious cardiovascular problems.