Has Cervalin worked its magic on you?

If YES, we want to hear you! 

We want to highlight its helping properties, no matter how it has improved your daily life. Anything you have to say, we want to hear from you.


Our mission is to show people what a great natural product Cervalin is.


So we are looking for testimonials in the form of a video selfie.


Just take a selfie with your phone for about 15 seconds and tell us why you use Cervalin, how it helps you in your daily life and why you recommend it.



Your video can be selected and broadcast on social networks and in advertisements to promote Cervalin throughout Quebec.


As a thank you for your participation, all those who submit a video of at least 15 seconds will be automatically entered into the contest:



To be eligible for the contest, send a 15-second minimum seflie/story style video by May 31, 2021, to this email address:


For any questions, contact: naturiste@naturiste.ca


Good luck to all!