Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant



Under the authorization of the manager, the consultant's role is to assist the manager to perform his duties in order to achieve the sales target and perform the required duties.


Job description

  • Ensure to always provide excellent service to customers, based on listening to customers' opinions and experience;
  • Use all the resources available in the store to familiarize yourself with the product ("information reference", "Technical Overview", "Mini Guide").
  • Understand the product and ensure its advanced development in this field;
  • 1. Monitor all transactions related to the fund's business (opening, closing, recurring trading, fund balancing, closing reports and reporting sales figures);
  • Understand store business policy;
  • Participate in promotion, marketing and visual presentation while ensuring their effectiveness;
  • Participate in receiving orders, product labels and filler panels;
  • Participate in the general maintenance of the store;
  • All other related tasks.


Skills required

  • One year of retail consulting experience.
  • A broad understanding of natural health products is an asset.


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