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How useful is a detox before a weight management program ?

Detox treatment and weight management


How useful is a detoxification cure before a weight management program ?


The good sides of fat : yes there are !

Fat has many properties and in particular, that of protecting us from the cold, to serve as a shock absorber to the organs and structures it covers.

When our body has exhausted the amount of glucose available in circulation in the blood to create energy, it is fat that becomes the second fuel of the body.


The disadvantages of fat

But the fat also serves as a den of robbers. And these robbers are toxins of all kinds :

- pesticide residues,

- herbicides

- but also drugs dissolved in water,

- household products absorbed through the skin or inhaled through the respiratory tract when used,

- smoke discharges from our industries…


When the elimination organs can no longer manage the amount of toxins that enter through all possible exits, the body stores them. And it is the fats that serve as a warehouse.


Why a cure ?

So, when one loses weightby removing fat from our fat cells, our body also releases the toxins that are stored there. In order to make sure to expatriate them well and not to find them again in the blood circulation in search of a new refuge, it is necessary to ensure that all our disposal organs function well. The liver, the kidney, there skin, the respiratory tract and the intestine must all be in good condition.


How does a cure work ?

There classic cure usually takes place over a period of one month. It usually includes bitter plants to stimulate the digestive system as well as a laxative. Diuretics will be added so that the millions of small filters that make up our kidneys can thoroughly remove any trace of urine. And the amount of water to be ingested (about 1.5 to 2 liters per day, especially in the period of detoxification) will drive out toxins through sweating and gases through the respiratory tract.


To complete your cure, adopt healthy eating habits and make a little exercise. This new health program will be anyway, a good platform on which to build your program slimness.

Cure and detoxification

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