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A cure to start from scratch

A cure to start from scratch


Cures are essential to activate the detoxification and elimination functions of the body. They consist of a protocol that includes changes in lifestyle habits and the use of plants and supplements to support our organs in their detoxification and elimination functions.


A cure to help the liver and intestines is especially indicated after the holiday season.

The liver needs a deep boost to be able to do its job of detoxifying, protecting against free radicals and to support immunity. The intestines need to function well before stimulating the detoxification functions of the liver in the same way that one does not empty waste in a clogged toilet.


Dark green and bitter vegetables are especially good for supporting the liver. Kale, chicory, artichoke, rapini, dandelion, endive promote several functions of the liver including the production of bile which helps in other, to digest fats and detoxification.


Among natural products, to support the liver detoxification, we suggest :

  • Milk Thistle: it is hepatoprotective that is, it protects the cells of the liver. In case of alcohol-induced lesions, silymarin (one of the Active Ingredients of milk thistle) helps rebuild damaged cells and restore their metabolic capacity. In the long term, the daily intake of milk thistle helps with regeneration of cell functions following the alcoo intakel. alone, it makes it possible to produce 30% of glutathione, which is an antyoxidant made mainly by the liver.
  • Vitamin B12 and B9: these ready-to-absorb vitamins participate in a phase of the liver that is specialized in getting rid of certain toxins such as tobacco nicotine.
  • Vitamin C: has an antioxidant role and participates in methylation, which has the effect of increasing the level of other antioxidants, the most important of which, glutathione. When taken regularly it helps to fight free radicals produced by the excesses of the holiday season.
  • Biomax PGI: it provides an amino acid, cysteine, which participates in the synthesis of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that we produce. The liver is the organ most involved in detoxification and the most important glutathione storage center.
  • SAMe: much of the SAMe is itself converted into glutathione by the liver. Alcohol greatly impairs the conversion of same to glutathione.