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Merchandising and Customer Experience Director - job

Merchandising and Customer Experience Director


Le Naturiste, a recognized leader in the retailing of natural health products in Eastern Canada, is looking for a Merchandising and Customer Experience Manager.


Reporting directly to the Co-President, the holder of this position is the central pivot of the store's marketing, as well as the person responsible for the development of an unparalleled in-store experience of everything related to the physical aspect. of the shop.


The main responsibilities are:

a) the organization and coordination of the marketing of stores

b) the implementation of standards that allow an analysis of the effectiveness of this marketing

c) constant innovation that changes the customer's physical in-store experience and

4) the supervision of the plans of the renovated or new shops.


This role requires:

a) An undeniable passion for the client and the desire to always surprise him

b) The ability to implement winning merchandising strategies with our stores in order to achieve levels of excellence in an ever-changing environment.

c) The ability to adapt market trend ideas and seek economical but effective solutions to implement these ideas in our network

d) The ability to develop K.P.I. that will allow the company to verify the success of our choices in merchandising

e) The ability to work in concert with the store projects department to create differentiation as a store experience that will make us a retailer to follow


Experience sought:

a) Baccalaureate or CEGEP

b) Minimum 5 years of experience as a Merchandising Director

c) Ability to work with multiple stakeholders

d) Excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask.

e) Bilingual

f) Accepts to travel across the province.


Please send your curriculum vitae to: