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Physical exercise: the first step to health!

Physical exercise:
the first step towards health!


What can we do to loosen up and oil our joints, make our heart pump and even free ourselves from our worries?
A pleasant physical activity adapted to our physical condition.


Exercise is the best way to activate your metabolism, both for weight loss and to stimulate your body's filtration and waste removal processes. The liver filters and the intestines, kidneys and skin remove waste.


You don't have to be doing extra demanding activity all week long.

-> It is even better to choose a more moderate activity and practice it every day.

Walking is an exercise for everyone; it is easy to perform and does not require special equipment.



Give yourself some oxygen!

Going for a walk is also a great way to get some fresh air.


The lungs provide the body with oxygen by allowing glucose (sugars) to turn into energy. As you breathe out, the lungs then release carbon dioxide, a waste product that is formed during energy production. The heart pumps oxygen and delivers it to the muscles used during exercise.


When you exercise and your muscles work harder, your body uses more oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide. In order to handle this extra demand, your breathing increases from about 15 times per minute at rest (12 liters of air) to 40-60 times per minute during exercise (100 liters of air). Your blood circulation also increases in order to provide oxygen to the muscles and keep them moving.

Count your steps!

A great way to measure physical activity in your daily life, and inexpensively, is to get a pedometer. This device calculates the number of steps you take per day. The pedometer is an excellent, very light tool (around 50g) to monitor and develop your physical activity, for the purposes of health, weight regulation or simply well-being ...


The number of steps taken daily makes it possible to assess whether your level of physical activity is satisfactory or not. It is an indicator of health.

The goal is 10,000 steps a day.

- less than 10,000 steps -> you are too sedentary.
- more than 10,000 steps -> your physical activity is satisfactory to have a positive impact on your health.

The recommendations are, for an adult, achieve 10,000 steps per day, or 30 minutes of brisk walk or 3 x 10 minutes of brisk walk.


In winter, put on snowshoes! The more snow, the more fun!
Skating and cross-country skiing are also two very enjoyable and accessible activities. You choose !

So this winter, get moving and have fun! Your body and mind will be all the better for it!