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Go to a hangover free party

Go to a hangover free party



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She just woke up, "the day before, the next day," and her mouth was as dry as wood.

yes liver Ensure the removal of alcohol and alcohol from the blood. It first converts alcohol to acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than alcohol, and then to acetic acid. Acetaldehyde causes the harmful effects of hangovers to a large extent.



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It's a hormone problem When the body is dehydrated, vasopressin and antidiuretic hormone indicate that the kidney reabsorbs more water. Rice kidney The urine is then concentrated and the waste is treated with minimal water.



Yes, but how could alcohol be in it?

He's here brainPage: 1 Completely gray, it no longer releases the hormones it needs. Vasopressin is no longer there to close the valve, and the kidneys no longer need water and minerals. As a result, the more common urge to urinate leads to dehydration, which leads to headache, nausea, fatigue and decreased intelligence.



Here are some products to help you recover quickly in early January.


1- this Sardon Marie Liver protection refers to the protection of hepatocytes. In the case of alcohol injury, silane (one of the active ingredients of anthrax Marie) can rebuild damaged cells and restore their metabolic capacity. In the long run, daily capture of sardon Marie will help ease tensions. Regeneration of cell function After drinking


2- this turmeric This is a plant with both liver function and liver function. antioxidantAnti inflammatory DigestionIt is thought to relieve digestive disorders such as stomachache, nausea, loss of appetite or overweight.


3- there vitamin C A characterantioxidant It raises levels of other antioxidants, the most important of which is glutathione. When it helps control Free radical Overproduction Festival time


4- Immutable wheyBiological maximumThe invention provides an amino acid, cysteine, which participates in the synthesis of high-strength glutathione. antioxidant Let's make it The liver is the most important organ in the liver Deoxygenation It's also the largest glutathione storage center


5- Rice ProbioticIncluding acidophilic strains and bifidobacteria, which help to eliminate excessive alcohol, thereby reducing the toxic effects of hangovers.