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Geneviève Primard, Naturist spokesperson

Montreal, April 10, 2015


Stephen and I have today the immense honor to introduce Ms. Geneviève Primard who, last March, joined the team of the naturist company as spokesperson.


We are delighted that Geneviève has agreed to share with us The Naturist mission of change consumers ' perception of their health by giving them the means to maintain it, to get them to fully enjoy life.


In fact, this is exactly what Geneviève, a registered naturopath for more than fifteen years, has been doing since she lived the passion for natural health. Graduated in naturopathy she worked for almost ten years in a holistic preventive clinic.


Here is the approach proposed by Geneviève and his collaborators: listen to the human body and understand the chemical relationships between nutrition and hormonal balance in order to avoid the inflammations that are the basis of so many health problems in our society.


It is easy to understand that with such an innovative approach, Geneviève quickly stood out as an intervener in the field of Health. She was a spokesperson for Jamieson Laboratories for nearly seven years. In addition to being The Voice of Jamieson during this period, she also presented lectures to the general public as well as numerous specialized trainings for company employees.


It is thanks to her great credibility in her community that we want to join her to create together, a voice that will become the reference in natural health.


Geneviève will therefore attend one of your meetings between managers to get to know her better, like our customers who already listen with great interest on the radio during the broadcast of our advertising messages. You can then ask him about his background and his passion for natural health. We are confident that you will be able to take full advantage of these exchanges.


Although Geneviève is a naturopath, her job is not to meet our clients one by one, but rather to be our voice and to shine for us to all our clients.  We invite you to meet her during one of your meetings as managers; you will discover a simple and transparent person, totally dedicated to his mission to help Quebecers take control and live a better life.


We are confident that the arrival of Geneviève is a wonderful guarantee of success in our company.


Mélanie Kau, co-chair and Stephen Rosenhek, co-chair