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Act as a leader in the direction of sales of his store, be recognized as a coach by his team and see to the development and continual evolution of his staff in order to provide exceptional customer service and achieve the objectives set .


Job Description

  • Provide exceptional customer service at all times based on listening and customer experience;
  • Know the products and make sure you are on the cutting edge of new developments in the field;
  • Motivate, develop and train the staff under your responsibility;
  • Develop customers to establish a long-term relationship (customer files, promotions, special offers, product guide, etc.);
  • Anticipate personnel needs (recruit, train, lead and prepare the succession by identifying the aptitudes and aspirations of each employee);
  • Using key performance indicators, analyze the performance of the store under your responsibility;
  • Using your analyzes and key performance indicators, establish action plans to maximize the performance of the store and of your team members;
  • Distribute tasks between employees, establish work schedules and ensure that the assigned hours are respected;
  • Ensure the marketing of the store under your responsibility;
  • Know the operational policies related to the store;
  • Receive merchandise, labeling and shelving;
  • Know the products of the competition and propose alternatives according to customer needs;
  • All other related tasks.


Required Skills

  • High school diploma.
  • 2 years of experience as a manager or assistant manager related to the retail trade. A good general knowledge of natural health products is an asset.


Please send your curriculum vitae