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Act as a leader with team members and support the manager in all in-store tasks, support the manager at the development level and the continuous evolution of the staff and always give exceptional customer service in order to achieve the objectives set.


Job description

  • Ensure exceptional customer service at all times based on listening and customer experience;
  • Know the products and make sure you are on the cutting edge of new products in the field;
  • Support the manager in motivating, developing and training the staff under your responsibility;
  • Develop customers to build a long-term relationship (customer cards, promotions, special offers, product guide, etc.);
  • With the help of the manager, develop the following skills and tasks:
  • Divide tasks among employees, set work schedules and ensure that assigned hours are respected;
  • Ensure that the store is marketed under your responsibility;
  • Know the operational policies related to the store;
  • Receiving merchandise, labelling and putting them on shelves;
  • Know the products of the competition and propose alternatives according to the needs of the customers;
  • All other related tasks.


Skills required

  • High school diploma.
  • 1 year of experience as assistant manager or 3rd key related to retail. A good general knowledge of natural health products is an asset.


Please send your resume