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The importance of amino acids

The importance of amino acids


Amino acids are like links in a chain. When brought together end to end, they form assemblages of tens or even hundreds of amino acids. There are about twenty different amino acids, eight of which are said to be essential since our body cannot synthesize them. We have to get them through the food we eat.


These long combinations of amino acids form protein and these are the basis of life. If we compare our body to an automobile, glucose plays the role of gasoline, while lipids are protective elements like shocks and bumpers. On the other hand, proteins form the skeleton of your car, its frame. This is called a structural role.

Imagine your house without a frame!


Proteins are found in the cells of our organs, they make up hormones, our enzymes, hemoglobin in our blood and even our antibodies contain it. In short, we find them everywhere.


In food, animal meats, fish and dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) contain them, but they are also found in plants such as legumes (lentils, red beans, monk beans, etc.) and in smaller quantities in cereals.


Our body requires a daily intake of protein. All meal replacements contain it as well assports nutrition products since proteins help muscle development. Protein does not make you fat, on the contrary, it is digested much more slowly by the body and provides a longer lasting feeling of fullness than sugar or fat.


If you don't have time to eat well, make sure your body is getting its daily amount of protein. Of course, nothing can replace a well-balanced meal eaten in good company. But if your lifestyle prompts you to skip breakfast or eat sugary snacks regularly, a protein meal replacement will be a much better guarantee of a balanced diet.