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Lack of energy and low libido



Women often lack energy and, at the same time, seem to lose interest in sexual activity. According to Dr. Martha Morris, Ph.D., Tufts University, this is often the result of folic acid and iron deficiency. That is what a study has shown.


Many women lack folic acid. Diet brings relatively little of this important vitamin. The best way to never miss it is to regularly take a good supplement of complex B vitamins.


As for iron, Dr. Morris explains that a woman may not miss it to the point of iron deficiency anemia, but she does not have enough to escape completely from fatigue and have a good libido. All women who have menstruation should take a good organic iron supplement regularly. Iron fumarate, iron citrate or iron gluconate belong to this type of supplement. It is an easily assimilable iron that does not cause constipation.