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Naturiste accompanies you in your search for well-being and healthy weight through the method " Ideal Protein »

Montreal, September 20, 2014





The method of weight loss " Ideal Protein » is a medically designed method to promote weight loss while sparing muscle mass. Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD, Ph.D., developed the method in France more than 20 years ago. Dr. Tran directs his career and research in nutrition with an emphasis on the treatment of obesity and related issues.

The four (4) phase method promotes the stabilization of the pancreas and blood sugar while burning fat and keeping muscles and other lean tissue, thanks to a wide selection of "Ideal Protein" Foods that are easy to prepare.

With The "Ideal Protein" Weight Loss Method, you will not only see results, but also be provided with valuable nutritional knowledge to help you maintain your long-term results.



Products are offered only by trained and licensed healthcare professionals.

  • "Ideal Protein" products are offered in selected Naturist shops. Each of these shops offers assured expertise to guide you through the method throughout the process.

  • A personalized weekly analysis and follow-up will be offered to each member in order to evaluate, together, the progress, by taking measurements and weight.



  • Visit one of our 63 Naturist certified shops.

  • Make an appointment with our shop advisor, expert in weight loss "Ideal Protein".

  • Work with your advisor to develop your needs and objectives to start the 4 phases of the program together.

  • Your advisor will follow you through weekly meetings until you reach your goals.


The food range " IDEAL PROTEIN »

  • Breakfast

  • Snack

  • Dinner and dinner

  • Beverages

  • Vitamins and minerals

  • Ready-to-serve meals

The centerpiece of the method of weight loss is the incomparable range of "gourmet" products rich in protein that customers will consume during the phases of The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method followed.

These high biological value proteins use six different proteins : whey isolates, soy isolates, whole milk proteins, pea proteins, albumin and hydrolyzed collagen. This range of foods gives customers many options and is designed so that people with dairy, soy or vegetarian sensitivities can follow the weight loss method. The products are delicious, practical, satisfying and come in a wide range of textures and flavors. The assortment includes foods that are crispy, fluffy, consistent, creamy, sweet, spicy and salty. They can be served hot, lukewarm, cold or even frozen.

Members will use "Ideal Protein" products to compose whole meals by adding vegetables and lettuce. Each sealed sachet contains up to 20 grams of protein and very little fat and sugar. Easy to prepare, these foods can be pleasantly integrated into a hectic lifestyle.




"I started Ideal Protein on September 11 with a weight of 180 pounds today on November 28 I weigh 145 pounds for a weight loss in 11 weeks of 35 pounds. I haven't had any cravings all my life.
diet and taste of the products are excellent in addition I found a full of incredible energy. So to all the people who start with Ideal Protein clinic I say good success."

Susie Lecavalier
Manager, Naturist Shop of Galeries Terrebonne


«Ideal Protein» is now offeredin the following Naturist stores :



North West crossroads

Copper walks



Carrefour Rimouski

Galleries of the Old Port




Grand Place des Bois-Francs

Drummondville Walks



Carrefour Frontenac

Galeries de la Chaudière

Galeries Montmagny


North Shore

Centre Manicouagan

City square



Carrefour de l'estrie

Four Seasons Galleries



Galeries Joliette

North Shore Galleries

Terrebonne Galleries



Carrefour du Nord

Place Rosemère

Place St-Eustache



Centre Duvernay

Centre Laval



Center the Rivers

Plaza De La Mauricie



Carrefour Richelieu

Valleyfield Centre

Island suburb

Galleries of Granby

Galeries Saint-Hyacinthe

Mail Champlain

Mail Montenach

Place Longueuil

Delson Plaza

Sorel walks

Promenades Saint-Bruno