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Mont Echo



Created in 2008, the company Mont Écho was born from the discovery of the benefits of the sea buckthorn by its president Bradley Johnson. A biochemist, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer at the age of 27. Rapidly, he must receive aggressive radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

That same year, his father-in-law, originally from Finland, planted the first sea buckthorn orchard in Quebec (in Finland, the sea buckthorn is known as " Gold liquor). Bradley discovers the history of this small, rich and so little known fruit even if the knowledge of its benefits goes back to the Roman era. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of sea buckthorn in the treatment of various diseases, such as inflammation of the oral, rectal and vaginal mucous membranes, cervical erosion, radiation damage, burns and duodenal, gastric, and skin ulcers (Li & Beveridge, 2003). This research and benefits reinforce Bradley's determination to develop skin care products that nourish the skin from the inside out of this extraordinary little fruit.

It uses the first harvest to test transformations, extractions and create the first products 100 % natural for the skin. He began marketing, set up a shop and an interpretation centre on the sea buckthorn in the small village of Lac-Brome in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Today, Mount Echo is expanding and new production capabilities allow products to be introduced into new markets without sacrificing quality and our awareness of environmental impact and sustainable development.

Mont Écho is proud of its unique vision. It is committed to creating products that offer:

Efficiency: Mont Écho wants to offer high-performance cosmetics, respectful of the health of its customers and the environment.

Traceability: fruits and seeds oils, the main ingredients and indisputable sources of the effectiveness of Mont Echo products, are extracted by their care and come exclusively from Canadian sea buckthorn orchards and their own orchards; a guarantee for our customers to get all the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

100 % natural products: The different certifications of the natural cosmetics industry can be confusing. Mont Echo has chosen to offer 100 % natural beauty products, beyond existing organic or ecological certifications that do not require 100 % natural beauty, sometimes leaving the possibility of using ingredients, certainly in minimal quantities, from the chemical industry.

Packed with care: Pump-pumps offering immense benefits for natural beauty products, they prevent oxidation, increase product life, prevent the alteration of certain ingredients such as vitamin C very present in the sea buckthorn, and ensure maximum protection against bacteria by avoiding any contact with the outside. They also allow the use of less aggressive natural preservatives and the production of 100 % natural products with a higher life span.

No animal test: Mont Echo never tests their products on animals and is against animal testing and the cruelty that results from it.

Sustainable development: At each stage, from culture to commercialization, Mont Écho is committed to seeking and implementing actions to minimize its environmental footprint and promote sustainable development.


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