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What are the best ingredients for weight loss?


Keeping your weight healthy is not always easy. And while some genetic or metabolic predispositions can promote weight gain, we must not hide the fact that our sedentary lifestyle is for many. In the Weight loss, it is necessary to combine a caloric intake equivalent to our energy expenditure, a daily consumption of water (1.5 to 2 l.) to facilitate the elimination of toxins and waste contained in our adipose cells, a little exercise (a one-minute walk per year of age outside, each day, preferably) will complement the mechanism of action of substances that facilitate the melting of fat cells. Many plants or substances are well known to accompany weight loss.


Here is the summary of four of them with a brief explanation of how they act.



The green coffee bean

The green coffee bean contains very little caffeine, since it is during the roasting that the grain noises and develops its caffeine. It is its chlorogenic acids that act on the adipose cell. Chlorogenic originates from the Greek word "Khloros". Green " And genos " Birth." They refer to the production of green-coloured substances that give their shade to the seeds when these chlorogenic acids oxidize (contact with oxygen = air). And because nature is prolific, any acid or substance does not belong exclusively to a plant, a food or a spice. Therefore, chlorogenic acids are found in appreciable amounts also in artichoke and endives.


Chlorogenic and coffee-quinine acids

  • Reduces the use of glucose by liver cells; this impedes the transformation of glucose into lipid (fat) in the liver;
  • Increase lipid transformation for energy production;
  • A factor in the combustion of glucose by muscle cells.

Therefore, green coffee beans help weight loss by acting on the metabolism (process of transformation) of carbohydrates and lipids.



Green Tea

Green Tea, surprisingly, facilitates " Destorage " Fat due to its caffeine content and EGCC (epigallocatechin gallate). They increase body energy expenditure and help to burn fat reserves.



Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit originating in Indonesia. It blocks the absorption and synthesis of fats, preventing the transformation of sugars into lipids. It's also a plant Hunger-clipping Fighting the retention of water (edema) in the tissues.

Sugars that are not processed into fat remain in the body as glycogen. However, this is a well-known phenomenon, when the rate of glycogen is high, the appetite is decreased. This phenomenon allows the person who takes Garcinia cambogia to eat less.



Raspberry ketones

The Raspberry ketones Promote weight loss by increasing adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat (fatty) tissue. By raising the level and activity of this hormone, raspberry ketones stimulate the lipolysis (pig iron stored) in adipocytes (fat cells). This hormone facilitates the " Destorage " Of the fat and stimulates its use as a fuel in the body.


Finally, almost all of the fat burners (including those named above) are dietary supplements that act by accelerating basic metabolism. Basal metabolism corresponds to the energy needs the organism needs to survive. Even at rest, our body consumes energy to maintain active vital functions (heart, brain, breathing, digestion, maintenance of body temperature).


In adulthood, this basic metabolism decreases by about 2 to 3 % every ten years.By increasing it, our body burns a little bit more of its reserves than usual.Hence the importance of increasing physical activity (of course, of course!) with age rather than decreasing them.





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