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Little guide to holiday time tips

Little guide to holiday time tips


You see the Daytime with impatience and you promise to enjoy it well? And why not, after all, this period of the year is indeed one of rejoicing and reunion. But is your body up to your ambitions?


Although Christmas is at our doors, here are some easy-to-use tips that will help you fully enjoy this period of abundance and admit it, perhaps some excesses to say not sometimes, of measure. Mais pardi, c’est le Temps des Fêtes !!!


A small dust of the liver is necessary (this great chemist is responsible for hundreds of actions in our organization).

A simple cure, the blessed sow. Like his brothers, this plant contains bitter principles. Bitterness, as soon as it touches your taste buds triggers a cascade of actions that will put your whole digestive system in a row. That is why it is said to be “aperitive” but these bitter molecules will also help secretion of many enzymes essential to the digestive process. The liver will detoxify and stimulate the production of new bile. By the way, the bile consists of cholesterol. Producting this will stimulate the use of some of your cholesterol.


One cure 20 days is recommended but 10 days of cleaning will do their office.

For emergency cases (food poisoning, excess, indigestion...), Chardon Marie is all recommended. As a stiff, it acts as a digestive plant but its greatest and most fantastic quality is based on its ability to protect liver This is why it is called “hepato-protective”.


Finally, make sure your intestines work well.

Because if you make it easier to dispose of waste, make sure the doors are open. We should eliminate our gut waste at least once a day. To facilitate your intestinal transit (stool evacuation) you can use dietary fibers such as the psyllium and/or linen (Phytobil).

But you can also make small daily gestures like:

  • Drink1.5 L/ day and if possible source water otherwise filtered water.
  • Eat lots of fibers (whole cereals, whole grain pasta and flour, raw or slightly cooked fruit and vegetables);
  • Eating bitter vegetables and fruit (endives, radish, aragula, chicory, artichoke, radicchio, lime, grapefruit...) ;
  • Sleep your minimum health dose (it varies from 5 to 8 hours depending on the person) because during your sleep, each of your cells perform their household and take advantage of it to evacuate their surpluses of waste;
  • Go and get some air. Preferably walk 1 minute per year of age. Oxygenation not only renews oxygen in your body but recharges your cells in new energy, allows them to clean up and operate at their full capacity;
  • Manage stress at the end of the year is not a thin matter but it is not an impossible mission, either. In times of tension, take 10 deep inspirations but slowly expiring. Count up to 5 at each expiry. This will give you a sensation of near immediate relaxation.


Any other relaxation technique is also welcome. If you are an adept of yoga, tai-chi, Chi-gong, meditation or other, do not hesitate, put it into practice now. Relaxing techniques are not useful only during a course but well, in our everyday life.