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Take care of your emotional balance: mood swings



Mood swings can literally plague our existence. It is essential to learn to control them in order to prevent emotions from overwhelming us. Let's get along well. Experiencing emotions is not only normal, but also desirable. This is what keeps us moving in our lives (e-motion to "move with"). Emotions, like stress, can be beneficial as well as harmful. It is therefore important to learn to control the mind by having it do specific exercises. You can train to build muscle and improve your overall physical condition. We can also train in controlling our emotions and the thoughts that cause them. Meditation, cardiac coherence, Qi-gong (internalized tai chi), yoga and observing your breath are tools that allow us to control our mind. What do all these techniques have in common? Ample and fluid breathing, slowness, fluidity and awareness combined with a high feeling (love, joy, gratitude, compassion).


Training to learn how to control emotions is good for you, but also excellent for your relationships with those close to you, your co-workers. This mind training is excellent because it is effective in lowering the levels of the chronic stress hormone cortisol. Some of these techniques have been the subject of scientific studies. Several hormones and neurotransmitters that support mood balance can also benefit. You can see increased levels of DHEA, endorphins, oxytocin, GABA and serotonin, all neurotransmitters that help balance your mood.


Don't let emotions control you anymore. Train your mind to serve yourself, not the other way around. Good mind training!


Here is a scientific study for cardiac coherence: The impact of a new emotional self-management program on stress, emotions, heart rate variability, DHEA and cortisol.McCraty R, Barrios-Choplin B, Rozman D, Atkinson M, Watkins AD. Integr Physiol Behav Sci. 1998 Apr-Jun; 33 (2): 151-70.PMID: 9737736