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Tips -Digestion Problem

Digestion Problem


Digestion is a process that involves


An enzyme is a protein manufactured by the body that enables the activation or acceleration of chemical reactions. Enzymes play a role in all functions of digestion. They are called digestive enzymes.


The first step in digestion is to Chew foods long enoughS so that they become almost liquid. This process also activates the secretion of a kind of digestive enzyme that blends into saliva. There are several types of digestive enzymes secreted by other organs, for example:

  • Lipase digests fat or fat,
  • Protease digests proteins and
  • Lactase digest lactose.

All these enzymes will have a role to play in the digestive process.


We also produce our own digestive enzymes and raw plant foods. The enzyme pool we produce is depleted when we eat only cooked foods and/or too many foods at a time.  Digestive enzymes are essential for degrading or decomposing foods in their simplest form. This process is carried out so that proteins, sugars and fats can pass the intestinal barrier to the blood and are recognized as beneficial to health.


Food that is not sufficiently digested and an intestine too permeable to food can cause a food hypersensitivity reaction. Intolerances can be explained by the absence of digestive enzymes in a food. For example, a person with lactose intolerance does not have enough enzyme lactase.

Thanks to digestive enzymes, food intolerance and protein-specific enzymes are reduced, and inflammatory and/or allergic reactions are reduced.


It is possible to take care of its digestion in several ways:

  • Mastiquer long enough for the food to become semi-liquid in the mouth and take time to really appreciate the symphony of flavours. So food is predigested, you know more and you allow your stomach to send the message to the brain to stop hunger.
  • Move, walk, dance to facilitate digestion.
  • Take raw vegetables (raw vegetables) before the meal: celery, carrot, cucumber, lettuce or salad of grated raw vegetables (beet, carrot, cabbage) ... etc.
  • Eating without completely filling his stomach makes it easy to feel comfortable.
  • Take digestive enzymes
    • either in our foods with raw pineapple or papaya containing enzymes to aid in the digestion of proteins (bromelin and papaine respectively),
    • or in the form of supplements.


Product recommended by Naturiste



The digestive enzymes of the formula Multi-enzymes are composed of:

- amylase (starch),
- lipase (fat or lipid),
- protease (proteins),
- bromelin (protein),
- cellulase (cellulose),
- pancreatin (lipid, protein and fat),
- bile extract (fatty and active pancreatin enzyme),
- papain (protein),
- pepsin (protein),
- betaine hydrochloride (proteins and activates stomach enzymes).

This synergy of enzymes is all indicated to facilitate the digestive process, which tends to be less effective as we get older.