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What is a cure?

What is a cure?


There are several types of cures that allow detoxification, depending on the need of our body.



What is detoxification and why does the body tend to accumulate toxic metabolic waste?

The liver is our ultimate detoxification organ.


It has two phases or two stages that allow it to:

 - neutralise then

- d"send to the bloodstream the waste to the exit doors what our kidneys, colon, skin and lungs are.


These are our emunctories, or our sewers.

When liver is overwhelmed by an excess of work, it is more difficult to accomplish its detoxification task. There is then a risk that the waste will be badly processed and disposed of. There is therefore an accumulation of waste in the body. The reservoirs of this waste are, most of the time, fat cells or adipocytes.

It is therefore very strongly registered of promoting waste disposal supporting our enmities before undertaking a weight loss cure.




Are there different types of cure? 

Complete remedy

A complete remedy promotes detoxification of all organs, supporting the work of all our emunctories and blood.

There are complete cures, fast or slow.


a complete cure fasttakes place between 7 and 12 days and supports both the colon, liver, kidneys and blood in the detoxification process. It is indicated for people who want a rapid effect and who are able to tolerate the more obvious effects of rapid detoxification.

Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox 

a slow complete cure will take place more smoothly and can extend up to 30 days. It helps the intestinal regularity and supports the liver and kidneys in their work. This cure is appropriate for people who prefer a detox without the detoxification crisis that is likely to occur.

Health cure Naturist




Further to

In addition to this treatment, it is recommended to make thermal remedies with Nordic baths and practice alternating hot and cold in order to detoxify by the skin and aerobic exercises to promote both sweating and optimal breathing. Our breathtaking exercises help to eliminate gaseous waste.


There are also some herbal tea which can help you in your detoxification process.


 Digestiform Nudist


With its leaves of boldo, Angelica, sourmoon, verbena and licorice, the Digestiform herbal tea can support you daily during meals more difficult to digest.


Detoxiform Nudist

Detoxiform can help you in your detoxification efforts in a gentle way, with the previous medicinal plants in addition to Dogwood, ash, juniper and meadowsweet.




 Formula 11 Kidney Naturist


Finally, the kidney formula allows a better elimination of toxins through the urine thanks to, among other things, cherry, scrofular and yarrow.




These herbal teas can be taken as a supplement to your complete cure.


There digestive cure more specifically supports the liver and intestines and can last for about 21 days. Several plants that promote the secretion of bile by the liver and the regeneration of liver cells can then be recommended, such as milk thistle, artichoke, boldo and dandelion.



Before activating liver detoxification, however, it must be ensured that the colon is able to properly evacuate its waste. You don't throw garbage in a clogged toilet ! Intestinal regularity can be supported by the use of dietary fibers such as psyllium, flax and glucomannan.


Other cures

Other cures, like those to clean

- urine (ex. Betullus), 
- blood and
- lymph

may be used to promote the elimination of undesirable substances.


They can :

- promoteremoval of excess water in the body (edema and swelling) and
- help to eliminate metabolic waste, that is, the waste that the body makes as a byproduct of a cellular function.


What are the effects felt during a cure ?

It is normal to feel certain effects during a detoxification.


The most common effects are :

  • congestion of the sinuses or runny eyes,
  • headache,
  • a raspy tongue,
  • symptoms of irritability,
  • fatigue,
  • a pseudo-cold,
  • constipation or
  • plaques on the skin.


These effects are called "detoxification crisis". This crisis can be alleviated if wemake sure to run our emonctoires well, especially the intestine, before the elimination of metabolic waste.


Combined with aphysical exercise, these cures allow a deep detoxification.