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The kidneys - A filter that gets rid of our waste

The kidneys - A filter that gets rid of our waste

All the organs of the body are relatively complex. Their operation is based on unusual ingenuity. In the case of the kidneys, this remark is most appropriate.

How the kidneys cleanse the blood

It is known that the kidneys are filters that have the ability to clean the blood. This is not their only role. The kidneys also have the task of regulating the quantities of water and mineral salts contained in the body.

Although the kidneys have a special, easily identifiable shape that resembles a bean, their location is generally not well known. The kidneys are located on either side of the spine, in the upper abdomen. They are not, as many think, at the lower back but rather towards the middle of the back. When we say that we have kidney pain, we mean rather that we feel pain or tension in the lumbar region.

Each kidney is provided with three "particular casings" A first of these casings brings blood to the kidney. It is called the renal artery. It is this blood that will be filtered. The second hose rejects the filtered blood into the bloodstream. It is called the renal vein. The third hose evacuates waste. It is formed at the exit of the kidney by the pelvis which collects urine from the tubes. The pelvis leads to the ureter which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. This is where urine is temporarily stored before being eliminated.

The functional units of the kidney

But all of this doesn't tell us how the kidney filters the blood. To understand this phenomenon, you must know that near the outer surface of the kidney more than a million small functional units called nephrons. It is at their level that the blood is filtered and cleared of its waste according to a complex process.

Since we have two kidneys, we therefore have more than two million nephrons to clean our blood. Every minute, two pints of blood pass through each of our kidneys and a small amount of waste is retained for disposal. It actually takes about fifty minutes for all the blood in the body to be completely purified.

It is very important to protect your kidneys by some healthy living measures. It is generally believed that drinking plenty of water is enough for the kidneys to function well. This is not correct. Although it is important to drink enough, it is important to avoid various forms of intoxication which can contribute to destroying the nephrons. Several synthetic drugs in fact have the unfortunate property, because they are very irritating, of gradually destroying the nephrons. You should also avoid all chemicals (additives, etc.) that are added to foods. In short, you must avoid all substances that can irritate the kidneys.