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Responsible for Merchandising

Responsible for Merchandising


Naturist, a recognized leader in the retailing of natural health products in eastern Canada, is looking for:
Responsible for Merchandising


Referring to the Co-President, the person in charge of merchandising is the person who executes monthly product marketing schedules.


The main responsibilities are:

- Preparing documents to communicate the specific plano grams for each monthly promotion to stores (Photoshop or Illustrator)

- Planning general merchandising to maximize sales by judiciously marketing products in the universe (products that are added or withdrawn, products growing sales, etc.) (Spaceman)

- Listening to stores to understand their needs and comments and

- The development of two-dimensional store plans, especially when renovating (Photoshop or Illustrator)


This role requires:

- A great sense of organization and efficiency in preparing information for stores

- The ability to quickly translate ideas for buying and branding into planogram

- Effective time management

- Listening to stores and their comments to always look for continuous improvement


Experience sought:


- Minimum 3 years of experience as a merchandising manager

- Ability to work with multiple stakeholders

- PhotoShop and/or Illustrator


Please send your resume to: