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Corporal care herbarium


 The body care herbarium


Herbier Body Care HOW IT ALL STARTED ...

The summer of his ten years, after having convinced his mother, Guylaine sells for the pleasure of the lemonade " House " And all kinds of useful little things ... to the passers-by of the charming residential area she lives in. This is his first success! As a child, she already has an entrepreneurial flame!

In 2004, this mother of two young children and naturopath of profession, launched her project from the kitchen of her home. Briefly, Guylaine concocts its first recipes of body care products based on wild plants and organic, fair and natural ingredients. Valise of wood by hand, it leaves on the road and presents its products to the shops. This is really where the great adventure of the " Small miraculous pots " Starts!



Les Care Corporels l' Herbier is a Québec company whose mission is to create gourmet, fresh, natural, ecological, ecological, fair and factual care based on original ingredients from Quebec (Cidrerie Léo Boutin ice cider, maple syrup, Verger Tremblay's strawberry syrup, Manicouaguan clay, etc.) and Canada (Acadian algae, prairie clays, etc.).

The company works with local producers and suppliers as well as fair cooperatives that provide plant assets that are free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, artificial dyes, etc. All of these approaches have a specific purpose: to promote the well-being of everyone, while maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature, in a sustainable development context.


" I think you have to believe deeply in your dreams, to realize his own passions, to seek support and sound advice, to surround himself with competent collaborators, to be attentive to the different markets and to the needs of his clients, to share his vision and his determination with others. All these ingredients are part of an infallible recipe and are at the heart of my company's success!. "


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