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Symptoms that your body needs to cure.

Symptoms that your body needs to cure.


In our busy, stressful society, it's easy to eat more than what our body needs.


So, it is not uncommon to experience this kind of symptoms :


- Drowsiness after eating
- Pain or discomfort in the upper right side (liver)
- abdominal swelling
- Change in stool
- Heavy menstruation
- Hormonal imbalance
- Chronic pain
- Loss or lack of appetite
- Gastric reflux
- nausea
- dizziness
- Headache
- Vision of blackheads
- Alarm clocks between 1 and 3 a.m.
- Acne, comedones
- Ankle swelling
- Loaded urine with a strong odor
- Language loaded
- Fatigue, lethargy aggravated after the meal


When these types of symptoms occur, consider taking a priest, particularly between seasons by prioritizing the fall and spring cure.


The effects are then:

- glowing skin,

- a pink tongue,

- shining eyes,

- clear urine,

- normal periods,

- normal digestion and elimination,

- presence of mind and

- renewed energy.


Good cure!