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Blood vessels

Blood vessels

54 % of deaths are caused by coronary or ischemic diseases such as atherosclerosis through the formation of oxidized cholesterol plates on a wall of a flammable blood vessel. Silent inflammation can prepare the ground for obstruction of blood vessels by accumulation of cholesterol plates that can calcify.



Cholesterol is an essential molecule to life as a precursor of very important hormones: stress (cortisol), sex (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone), vitamin D and membrane support. Cardiovascular risk is in our sedentary lifestyle, the diet of junk food, smoking and alcoholism are the basis of cardiovascular health.



The hemorrhoids are dilation of the veins and arteries irrigating the anus. In the United States, an estimated 15 million people are suffering fromHemorrhoids Each year.

Silent Inflammation


This type of inflammation is sneaky because no symptoms are visible. Obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are health conditions that are fed by this biological terrain and have cardiovascular health consequences, particularly on coronary heart health.

Arterielle Voltage


Blood pressure may be elevated to more than 140/90 (hypertension). It can be less than 100/60 (hypotension). The first digit is the systolic which determines the thrust pressure to the arterial network. The second digit is the diastolic which corresponds to the minimum tension of the arteries.



Varices are permanent dilatations of veins. Women are four times more common among women than men. Varices have genetic and hormonal causes. This explains the higher number of cases of varicose veins among women than men. They can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.