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Extra strong

This formula contains a highly concentrated cranberry extract (50: 1), equivalent to 26.250 mg of fresh cranberries per capsule. Cranberries are a source of valuable antioxidants called pro-anthocyanidins. Cranberries have traditionally been used to fight UTIs and help maintain the integrity and health of the bladder and urinary tract. Also, cranberries may help prevent cardiovascular disorders, reduce the concentration of Helibacter pylori bacteria in the stomach and are believed to have beneficial effects on oral health.


  • One of the highest concentrations of cranberry extract on the market (50: 1)
  • Available in fast dissolving capsules
  • Sugar free, gluten free
  • No preservatives or dyes


  • Helps prevent recurrent urinary tract infections


  • 1 capsule, once a day.

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