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Calm and naturally relax the brain.

Cervalin is a formula that helps to relax the brain which improves lack of attention, reduces mental stress, generates a calming effect by increasing brain activity, reduces stress, worry and anxiety, improves learning, attention and concentration, allows both relaxation and mental alertness, improves the ability to learn and remember.

Cervalin helps to provide a noticed "relaxation" effect, an improvement in sleep quality to relieve the feeling of fatigue especially in the most anxious people.

A feeling of general well-being.


Exclusive high-quality formula

Liquid formula for rapid absorption and better bioavailability


Temporarily promotes relaxation

Helps increase total sleep time

For persons suffering from sleep restriction or altered sleep schedule and those suffering from TDAH

Supports concentration


Adult. Dosage (oral): 1 tablespoon, 1 times per day



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