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Quick and easy to use, just add a few drops of essential oil to the clay pebble and enjoy the rewarding scent of the oil. You can use it in your closets, drawers, car, sports bags or any other place you wish.

Contains one clay pebble and two 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Fir essential oil

Fir essential oil has a sweet woody aroma that reminds us of the holiday season and the smell of the Christmas tree. It will bring you comfort and softness while letting you enjoy its many health benefits.

Orange essential oil

Orange essential oil is comforting and perfect for easing tension. It is ideal for providing a sense of well-being and cheerfulness. Its sweet and fruity fragrance is synonymous with vitality. It is often used to pleasantly perfume a room.


  • 100% natural, undiluted.
  • No alcohol, no additives

Warning : For external use only.

Format : 15ML

Product Code : 74566