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Effective weight loss kit.

This diet combines the effects of the products below:

  • Cellu Lite is a selection of plant extracts of the active ingredients, used to help you achieve your health goal. Thanks to its diuretic action combined with promoting circulation in the lower veins and reducing water retention, Cellu-Lite helps you to have beautiful legs and thighs. In addition, its active ingredients contribute to healthy elimination of excess by gently acting on your intestines and your digestive system.
  • Acti-Slim plus is a selection of active plant extracts, used to help achieve your weight loss goals. Thanks to its moderate thermogenic action, Acti Minceur plus helps burn excess calories. In addition, its active ingredients help to refine the silhouette, as part of a program that recommends reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity.


2 x Cellu-lite 250 ml

2 x Acti-Minceur 14 drinkable ampoules (10 ml)