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Relieves symptoms of fatigue related to stress.

Stonecrop rose (rhodiola) is a medicinal plant that helps the body adapt to stressful conditions on a daily basis. Rhodiola helps increase endorphins which promote positive moods and reduce pain. It helps reduce the state of tension and anxiety as well as mental fatigue related to stress. Its health root acts selectively, promoting the neurological mechanisms that deal with stress, thereby providing increased resistance to the adverse influences of hectic life. It helps improve concentration, cognitive functions, physical performance and fertility.


High quality product, 100% natural source

Available in easy to swallow capsules


Helps support endurance and focus

Helps relieve symptoms of stress-related mental fatigue

Helps support cognitive functions


Adult. Dosage (oral): Take 2 capsules per day. Should not be taken immediately before bedtime.



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Super produit

Je le recommande fortement super produit, efficace, durable Aide vraiment durant notre vie de maman