How to strengthen your immune system

Strengthening the immune system

If the cold starts little by little, the infections, they multiply!

Do you think you have done the necessary to boost your immune system? Because as we say, prevention is better than cure.

Here are our 5 solutions to avoid being the favorite target of bad bacteria!

1) Make your name:

Have energy! Yes, a tired body is more likely to be exposed to the disease because it is more vulnerable. With products that contain Ginseng or royal jelly.


2) Monitor your diet:

The health of the intestinal flora is linked to that of the immune system. Composed of non-pathogenic bacteria, which prevent bad bacteria from sneaking into the blood and intestines.

Microbiota, of their true name, would account for 70 % of the effectiveness of the immune system.


3) Consume probiotics

For microbiota to work, they need a favorable environment.

For this, consume probiotics (good bacteria) that preserve the delicate intestinal balance. Available in food (garlic, citrus, seeds of chia, ...) or Capsule At Naturist.


4) Faite use of vitamins

All the vitamins are good to take. Some more than others like:

  • Vitamin A (regulates the immune system)
  • The Vitamin C (potent antioxidant)
  • The Vitamin B12 (combat bacteria)


5) Have a good health of life

  • Sleep enough to allow your body to regain strength
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat alcohol with moderation
  • Have a healthy and varied diet
  • Limit anything that can cause stress in you and affect your body's physical and nerve functions
  • Make a sporting activity to sweat and remove maximum toxins and keep your body in shape


And above all! Wash your hands frequently especially if you take public transport.

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