Naturiste favors partners who share the same corporate values, companies that respect the environment and health through natural products, partners whose actions have a social impact and who have, for the humans that we are, the desire to lead us to a better well-being.

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Metro Plus - André-Grasset Supermarket - Goûtez Lanaudière

In 2021, Naturiste has partnered with Metro to open its first store in Metro Plus Beaumont, located in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, in Montreal.

A 2nd store will soon follow in the Metro Plus Dorion Ste-Catherine, and in the plans, to continue to open other Naturiste Plus stores in partnership with Metro!

The association of two reference brands in Quebec can only lead to great success. In collaboration with Metro, Naturiste hopes to open more Naturiste Plus stores within the Metro network across Quebec, with the goal of expanding its reach.

This new store offers the best sellers in the Naturiste line, in addition to a wide range of products from other brands sought after by natural health consumers. The opening of this store in a busy and well-known Montreal neighborhood like this one brings a lot to the local economy, especially with the creation of new jobs.

In Naturiste Plus, customers will be able to do a complete grocery shopping while shopping for their natural health products in one place. Metro being a grocery store that is already the destination of choice for local shopping, will undoubtedly become a reference for all residents of the area and surrounding areas wanting to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

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Pharmacie-jean-coutu-pjc-logo-vector900 - HGH Foundation : HGH Foundation

Naturiste and Jean Coutu have been working in partnership since 2021, a natural association between two leaders in the pharmaceutical and natural health products industry. A partnership of which we are more than proud! You can find a wide range of Naturiste brand products in most Jean Coutu stores in Quebec.

The origins of The Jean Coutu Group date back to 1969, when the founder of the company, Mr. Jean Coutu, opened his first store.

Mr. Coutu developed an innovative formula for the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical retail sector based on discounted sales of a wide range of products, quality service and long opening hours.

Over the years, The Jean Coutu Group has evolved in step with the changes in the pharmacy profession and in the field of retail management. From the very beginning, the Jean Coutu Group has adapted to new market trends in order to meet the expectations of its customers. From the appearance of patent medicines to the introduction of the Quebec drug insurance plan and the emergence of big-box stores, The Jean Coutu Group has been able to update its activities to remain a leader in the industry.

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