When the cold weather affects your skin


Here's a fall detox that will do wonders for your skin if it's suffering because of the cold weather.


Did you know that the cold weather can dry out your skin and cause rashes, irritation or winter eczema? While some people can get by with moisturizing lotion, others may find winter skin problems more severe. With cold weather meaning a lack of moisture, it's normal for your hair to be very dry and your scalp to flake due to the lack of moisture as well.


A cure to clear up your skin


Digestive Cure

2 ampoules twice daily (morning and evening) before meals. This herbal blend is designed to wake up your liver and digestive organs, while regulating your blood sugar balance.


Spirulina (capsules)

2 capsules once a day with breakfast. This will ensure your daily dose of alkalizing greens, provide iron and other antioxidants essential for detoxification phases.


Turmeric (capsules)


2 capsules once a day, after dinner. Turmeric is an incredible hepato-regulator that protects and increases the efficiency of liver detoxification.


These products will work hand in hand to ensure optimal detoxification, helping your skin and pores clear up as well!


A natural soothing and hydrating mask with Matcha

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of Matcha
  • Add a few drops of water, aloe vera, or honey

Matcha powder does wonders for the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, absorbs excess oil, calms redness, reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins, and softens and clarifies the skin.

Besides, it's so easy to make at home!

Try these products to clarify your skin this fall


  • Anne Boisvert

    Bonjour hier j,aie revu en cadeaux dla ferme vita.e j,aie le bout des doigts qui rend et un diffuseur wow j,adore je vais aller vous voir bientôt surtout que j,aie 50$ en cadeaux à ma fête merci ci.

  • Mat

    Bon diffuseur. L’odeur des huiles est agréable et fait du bien.

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