Summer recipes: 5 original matcha recipes

In a few days' time, summer will be upon us. Synonymous with sun, warmth and good times spent outdoors, it's also a season when we tend to want to eat light dishes and drink cool drinks to help us stay hydrated.

But are you tired of making the same salad and juices over and over again? Why not add matcha to your recipes?

This will allow you to discover or rediscover the pleasures of matcha, this Japanese green tea powder with numerous antioxidant virtues and a unique flavour. You'll see, it's delicious.

smoothie matcha

Matcha smoothie :


1 to 2 teaspoons matcha

250 ml almond milk

1/2 banana

3 pieces pineapple

3 handfuls spinach

A teaspoon of maple syrup


Dissolve matcha green tea powder in almond milk.

Add the mixture, spinach, banana, pineapple and maple syrup to a blender for a delicious, nutritious green smoothie.

Serve the matcha smoothie chilled in a glass with ice cubes.

Matcha breakfast bowl:


A bowl of Greek yogurt

1-2 teaspoons matcha

Chunks of fresh fruit of your choice, such as bananas, raspberries, blueberries or strawberries.

2 tablespoons granola


Mix Greek yoghurt, matcha tea powder, fresh fruit of your choice and granola for a balanced and tasty breakfast.

sorbet matcha

Matcha sorbet :


2 teaspoons matcha

400ml coconut milk

2 tablespoons honey


Mix matcha tea powder, coconut milk and honey.

Freeze for a delicious creamy ice cream.

Matcha quinoa salad :


1/2 cup quinoa

A few cubes of feta cheese

1 teaspoon matcha

Fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.



Cook one cup of quinoa

Add a tablespoon of matcha powder to the cooked quinoa and mix well.

Then add the fresh vegetables and feta cubes.

Season with a light vinaigrette and serve chilled.

limonade matcha

Matcha lemonade :


For the syrup :

1 teaspoon matcha

2 tablespoons sugar (adjust to taste)

1 lime

1/2 lime

500ml fresh water

A few fresh mint leaves

Ice cubes


Mix the matcha powder, sugar and juice of the freshly squeezed lemons in a glass. Stir well.

Slowly add the fresh water.

Add ice cubes to cool the lemonade and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Try it now and enjoy the benefits of matcha while you refresh yourself!



For your recipes, we recommend our organic matcha green tea powder. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, matcha lets you revisit your favorite dishes and drinks, while taking care of yourself.

Did you know? Matcha isn't just for cooking. It's also a precious ally in your beauty rituals. Use it in your body care products, such as a revitalizing face mask, to give your skin a dose of radiance and vitality.

What's more, thanks to its beneficial properties, our Naturiste Organic Matcha is also ideal for your hair care routine, bringing moisture and shine to your hair.

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