December, 2021

Yahoo Finance : GRAND OPENING: Naturiste partners with Metro to open the first-ever Naturiste Plus 

Grocery Business : Metro expands health and wellness offering with in-store boutique in Quebec

New In 24 : A Naturiste Plus boutique opens in a Metro store

November, 2021

Wooloo par Catherine Savard : Mon P'tit hamster

La Presse et La Presse XTRA : La formule qui apaise et détend toute la famille

Mamancaféine : SOS J'ai besoin de dormir !

TPL Moms : Ce produit naturel deviendra votre meilleur allié au quotidien

Ton Barbier : Découvre le supplément qui t'aideras enfin à t'endormir


April, 2021 : 8 idées-cadeaux pour la fête des Mères 2021 : Les produits de beauté naturels pour le visage Naturiste

May, 2017 A spa for yourself: aromatherapy and treatments at your fingertips

RDPMAG: The rediscovery of a brand of natural products

La Presse +: A return to the source for Naturiste.

Journal de Montréal: Mother-in-law, baby-in-law.

Journal de Québec: Mother-in-law, baby-in-law.

The cracked factory: Winning collaboration between Naturiste and

Multidimensional: Winning collaboration between Naturiste and Announcement of the association between Naturiste and


April, 2017

Attic to the news: Press release Collaboration between Naturiste and

Actus Media: Press release Collaboration between Naturiste and


July, 2016

Nerds: Sports nutrition: quality products and supplements!

The Notebook: Knowing how to choose what to drink for your workouts


June, 2016

Journal de Montréal: Journalists got hot

Journal de Québec: Journalists got hot

Canoe: L'Impact "dopé" aux supplements naturelles québécois


June, 2015 A first smoothie bar for Naturiste

Chic Fad: Your refreshments for summer in the shop

Did for the cause: The new Naturiste smoothies bar!

Journal de Montréal: Free smoothies at Naturiste

The Press: Smoothies bar Naturiste


April, 2015

The Press: Natural Health Products: The Rebirth of an Industry


February, 2015 Cheers!


January, 2015

Femme Etc Magazine: CoverGintonik

Magazine 7 daysEssential oil of Melaleuca Naturiste


November, 2014

LEBEAUTYSPOT.COM: Fit for winter! 5 essentials in a nomadic bag Stress, energy, virus and company, Gintonik The 10 accessories that will save your life during the holiday season


August, 2014 of summer: care oils Sports Nutrition with PE2.0

NANATOULOUSE.BLOGSPOT.CA: Oil Pulling - Ayurvedic technique


June, 2014

Boost: Smoothie for sportspeople

Nanatoulouse Blog: Naturist makes new skin

Vitamin Daily: Smoothie for sportspeople


27 January 2014

Undertake:The Naturist: more naturist than ever! 


12 December 2013

French Canada: Contracts with Laura Secord and Le Naturiste


2 November 2013

Business: Naturist prepares for a tsunami


25 February 2013

IHR Magazine: Second Nature _ Naturist's new Canadian owners are bringing the business back to it's roots. 


27 October 2012

Business: "Why I left the furniture for natural products" by Mélanie Kau, former CEO of Mobilia

Feeding: Naturiste once again becomes a Québec property


03 October 2012

La Presse: The Naturist becomes again Quebec

Duty: Le Naturiste store chain becomes Quebec again after being owned by the United States

The Gazette: Two Montrealers buy health chain


02 October 2012

Radio-Canada: The Naturist becomes again Quebecois

Business: Mélanie Kau acquires Le Naturiste

The Journal de Montréal: The naturist sold to Quebecers

VAT News: Naturist wants to refresh its chain of stores