Ideal Protein, the protocol that adapts to every situation?

On the eve of the beginning of Ramadan, we thought it would be interesting to answer your questions about the Ideal Protein protocol and its possible adjustments during specific dietary regimes or certain restrictions. Can I do Ideal Protein during Ramadan? And what about when I'm a vegetarian? Our counselors have answered you and given you their valuable advice. First, let's go back to the basics:

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a ketogenic weight loss protocol designed by healthcare professionals using weight loss as healthcare and using food as medicine to help you lose weight and live a better and healthier life.

The idea is to tackle weight issues at the source by reducing carbohydrates and fats while ensuring adequate daily protein intake. In other words, the goal is to lose fat, not muscle.

The protocol is based on 3 phases designed to help you establish, achieve, and maintain your weight loss goal.


During the weight loss phase of the protocol, carbohydrate intake is limited to encourage the body to turn to its fat reserves for energy. By eating Ideal Protein foods, the protocol helps maintain muscle mass while learning to develop healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices to help maintain the new weight.


During this phase, participants are helped to gradually reintroduce healthy carbohydrates and lipids into their diet. Unique and personalized macro codes are also provided based on each participant's macronutrient needs to help maintain their new healthy weight and effectively manage their hunger.


The maintenance phase lasts for 12 months after the stabilization phase. During this period, participants will receive training and support from their coach. The goal is to guide them towards healthy and sustainable food choices by integrating new nutrition strategies and good eating behaviors.

The Ideal Protein protocol offers a variety of delicious Ideal Protein foods and tons of other healthy meals and snacks to choose from. This allows for a controlled protein and calorie intake to achieve the target weight without getting bored.

Personalized coaching and nutritional education sessions are a source of motivation and learning to maintain weight loss results over time.

Being personalized and customizable, the Ideal Protein weight loss program can adapt to certain situations. Here are our tips for specific dietary restrictions or diets:

Can I follow the Ideal Protein protocol during Ramadan?

It is entirely possible to follow the protocol during the Ramadan period. It is best to discuss it beforehand to be accompanied as best as possible throughout the fasting period of the month of Ramadan.Here are some of the general recommendations given to fasting participants:

• Eat slowly and chew well.

• Take the restricted product in the morning.

• Continue to take vitamins and minerals according to the distribution given.

• Avoid exercise and sweating. No intense training! A 30-minute walk after breaking the fast or light swimming is the maximum recommended.

• Rest well and stay out of the sun.

• Floralax (a supplement of soluble dietary fiber) is recommended for prevention to regulate transit following this change in eating habits.

• Eat enough vegetables to reduce acidity.

• Get enough sleep.

Example of a typical meal to maintain the course during Phase 1 during Ramadan.

Is it possible to follow the Ideal Protein protocol during my pregnancy?

The Ideal Protein protocol is a program for weight loss. It is not recommended to follow any restrictive diet during this period unless there are exceptional circumstances and under the supervision of a health professional.

A pregnant woman's diet should be balanced and divided into small meals. Ideally, she should eat everything without excess.

However, it is entirely possible to consume Ideal Protein snacks during pregnancy.

Is the Ideal Protein protocol suitable for vegetarians?

Vegetarians can follow the Ideal Protein protocol for weight loss and can consume eggs, fish, or tofu during their evening meal for their complete proteins.As an alternative, vegetarians can eat two Ideal Protein foods to replace their complete proteins.

And what about when I'm vegan or vegetarian?

Pure vegans, who do not consume animal proteins and animal by-products such as dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, or others, are not eligible to follow the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol due to the numerous dietary restrictions.

Is it possible to follow the Ideal Protein protocol during my vacation?

It is possible to follow the Ideal Protein protocol during your vacation. You can travel with the products. Once there, just follow the protocol as usual. The key is to stay motivated and not give in. You can discuss this trip and ask any questions before you leave so that your coach can give you the best recommendations.

I have diabetes, is the Ideal Protein protocol suitable?

The Ideal Protein dietary protocol was originally inspired by the treatment of type II diabetes, so it is possible to follow the protocol, but precautions must be taken beforehand. Firstly, many questions will be asked to determine the type of diabetes, whether it is type I or II, and the list of medications taken. In these kinds of situations, it really is a case-by-case basis. The health check-up will be reviewed and based on its recommendations, your coach can then inform and advise you.

For more advice or support in typical situations, Ideal Protein specialists are available. They are the ones who will best guide and advise the participant according to their specific needs and requests.

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