Gifts and aphrodisiac secrets for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is around the corner, so we are back with some amazing and original gift ideas to spoil your other half. We also have some tips for spicing up the mood through essential oils, whether it be to set a romantic date or a sensual night!

Different people have different ways of describing what is romantic to them. But if you like the world of essential oils, I have some especially exciting news for you. Some essential oils can act as superb aphrodisiacs, mood setters and romance enhancers.

Love is like a slow burning fire and it needs to be rekindled every once in a while to keep the sparks flying. Aphrodisiac essential oils can help! 

But first, gift ideas :

Offer them clean skin care

Because who doesn't love to take care of themselves, with clean and natural products? 

Facial Care Line

Collagen Skin Care

Offer them relaxation 

Aromatherapy has many amazing properties, and the variety of essential oils means you can diffuse different scents for different moods! 

Our brand new SKY diffuser will surely put a smile on their face coupled with a few essential oils of your choice. 

If you skipped out on these great gift ideas for Christmas, make up for it this Valentine's day! Discover our Relaxation theme'd Gift Guide.

Offer them sensuality 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and romance, here are our favorite aphrodisiac essential oils and some tips on how to use them!

Ylang Ylang

The most famous aphrodisiac scent is Ylang Ylang essential oil. Its calming, floral scent encourages sexual attraction and increases libido by increasing sexual desire. This product enhances circulation and reduces worry, fear, anger, and anxiety - all things that contribute to an increase in libido. Ylang ylang's sweet floral aroma has a relaxing effect, which makes it popular for romance as well as promoting feelings of ecstasy. This exotic fragrance is believed to help relieve stress and increase relaxation. 

Did you know? In Asian countries, newlyweds traditionally scatter petals of the ylang ylang flower on their beds.

Useful tip! During important discussions with your partner, diffuse it to encourage deeper connection and reduce tension.


Cinnamon essential oil is warming and therapeutic, supporting circulation and libido. This spice has a wide range of benefits, including being a sexual stimulant. This scent stimulates the immune system as well as promoting sexual harmony. Cinnamon encourages a healthy reproductive system and assists in the healing of sexual issues. In addition to being warming, it also increases blood flow and circulation, both of which are crucial for achieving a healthy state of arousal. An excellent libido booster!


A popular scent, lavender essential oil has a range of benefits. Its benefits are numerous when it comes to libido and passion, as it promotes peace, produces calm feelings, is incredibly soothing and simply sets a positive mood, bursting with passion and tenderness! 


Bergamot oil is the oil of self-acceptance. As it stimulates and opens up the energy system, it creates a feeling of self-acceptance that spills over to others. Research suggests that bergamot diffused in water may help reduce negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, and tension. As a citrus oil it is energizing and focusing. Your mind may be all over the place and making it hard for you to relax and get in the mood. Bergamot can calm your thoughts and help you relax. 

Tip: Bergamot also works well with woodsy oils (that can stimulate his arousal) like cypress and pine.

Orange, grapefruit or lemon

As with bergamot, wild orange and/or lemon are highly energizing citrus oils. When you're feeling sluggish or disinterested, these scents can be like a little dose of sunshine! 

Tip: This is a great selection of scents to use in oil blends.


When it comes to making things more exciting in the bedroom, peppermint is a popular choice because it gives skin a cooling, tingling sensation! In addition, it is an oil that focuses and energises. 

Use a few drops of this oil in a carrier oil like Jojoba to create a sensual massage oil! Just keep it away from sensitive parts of your body!

Our favourite uses

Prepare a bath for you and your loved one 

Romantic and Relaxing 

Light some candles, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to warm water, and add bubble bath or bath tea. Soak it all in, relax, and unwind.

Steamy and Sensual 

In a bathtub filled with warm water, add 10 drops each of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot, and 5 drops of Orange (or Grapefruit). Embrace the moment and make sure your partner knows how much you cherish them!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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