Naturiste Astrological Survival Kit: Gemini

Gemini season is in full swing! We have prepared your Naturiste survival kit based on the main characteristics of Gemini.


Geminis love to communicate, but suffer from a hyperactive mind. They overthink and overanalyze, yet because they are represented as twins, they have a dual aspect: a yin/yang quality. This means they can see both sides of an argument and defend them simultaneously.


An essential oil that balances, centers and helps connect twins is Ylang Ylang.


While Geminis love to communicate and get their point across, astrologers note that people born under this sign may tend to suffer from a hyperactive mind.


Essential oils that support a quick mind and help focus thoughts are grapefruit, basil, bergamot, rosemary, cedarwood, cypress, ginger and cinnamon.


Immunity Bath Tea contains bergamot, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, perfect for calming an over-thinking mind.


In addition, there is also evidence that ginger can directly improve brain function.


Hence the selection of Pear Ginger tea.


So, Gemini, stock up on these products that will help you keep your feet on the ground!

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