The Effectiveness of the Immune System

In general terms, any condition that reduces an individual's level of health, reduces the effectiveness of the individual 's Immune system.

The immune system is an integral part of all the functions of the body. Any measure that affects these functions also affects the immune system. Therefore, it can be concluded that all bad habits contribute to a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system.

More specifically, there are some factors that play a more important role in the immune system. Here are the main points:

1-The use of drugs, particularly antibiotics.

Today, antibiotics are used during the slightest small infection. These drugs decrease the effectiveness of the immune system, first because they are toxic and then, because they destroy the good germs in the body. They can counter infections, but once their action is over, they leave the body more unprepared than before they are ingested! Also, it is not uncommon to encounter repeat infections in people who often use antibiotics. Such a phenomenon is very common in children subject to ear infections.

2-Overdue and burnout are other factors that may reduce the effectiveness of the Immune system.

When they manifest themselves, the organization no longer has enough energy to perform all of its functions. The immune system is therefore also affected and becomes much less active. The solution then is to change our habits of life, to get more rest in all forms and to recover.

3-Stress is another factor that may affect the immune system.

First, it mobilizes the immune system. But if this stress is constant, the system is becoming increasingly weak. This is why people who are constantly stressed, possibly undergo a variety of infections.

4-Nutritional deficiencies also reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.

In order to function normally, this system must be adequately nourished. The following nutrients are required for its proper functioning: Vitamin C, the Beta-carotene, the Vitamin E, the B-complex vitamins, the Magnesium, the Zinc, and germanium (a trace element found in particular in theGarlic).

5-Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, coffee and all forms of pollution are other factors that affect the performance of the immune system.

All these substances intoxicate the body, demand neutralization and elimination, and contribute to depletion of energy reserves. As a result, these factors associated with poor lifestyles necessarily reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.

In order to maintain an effective immune system, it is essential to adopt good lifestyles. This rule must be followed to maintain the effectiveness of all other functions of the organization. The immune system is part of this whole and meets the same criteria.

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