Aromatherapy with accessories!

Have you noticed that when wearing a perfume or even an essential oil, the smell eventually fades and the scent only lasts a few hours?

In fact, we wouldn't want a smell that is too lingering. What we want is for the scenting effect to last throughout the day. In addition, some people with sensitive skin cannot use perfume due to skin reactions. To counter this unfortunate effect, Naturiste brings you a natural solution that comes in the form of aromatherapy jewelry!

Some necklaces and bracelets are equipped with small felts that absorb the drops of essential oils that you put there, others have a small ventilation hole in which the oil is put using a pipette to facilitate the diffusion of the oil. frangrance allowing you to enjoy the benefits and benefits of aromatherapy from essential oils throughout the day. Now with these accessories you can wear your therapeutic scent wherever you go.

These necklaces and bracelets will meet your aromatherapy needs while being fashionable. You can add a set of colored markers to change your look, color or just like to try a new fragrance. Wear your jewelry to work or school so you feel energetic, relaxed, or even both! Wear the same in your evenings and stand out with a unique and personalized fragrance around the wrist or your neck. These jewels are also the perfect gift to give to flirtatious people who love aromatherapy or to yourself to enjoy these beautiful portable diffusers at the wrists and neck.

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