Naturiste: a Quebec success story

June 24, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, is the perfect time to celebrate our Quebec origins and cultural heritage. As a proud Quebec company, it's important for us to talk about our identity and contribute to the enhancement of our heritage.

Naturiste is 55 years old, and just as committed to understanding the natural health needs of Quebecers. Since its beginnings, Naturiste has grown to become an essential reference in the field, with an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of its customers.

A history of passion and dedication

Founded in 1968 in the heart of the beautiful province of Quebec, Naturiste was born of the vision of Jean-Marc Brunet, a man with a passion for naturopathy. While hosting a program on alternative medicine on the French-language radio station CKLM, requests for information grew and his reputation grew. Mr. Brunet then decided to open his first boutique on Montreal's rue Saint-Denis, in order to communicate the benefits of natural remedies and to offer natural health products, virtually non-existent on the market until then.

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Unprecedented sharing and expansion

Little by little, the history and benefits of natural health products are spreading. This is the case, for example, of a well-off woman from Shawinigan whose chronic arthritis was deemed incurable by traditional medicine. She decided to turn to natural products for her treatment. The results were so impressive that she became the very first owner of a franchise, Le Naturiste. The good news quickly spread, and eight other boutiques were opened, run by eight other patients who were fascinated by the results obtained thanks to naturopath Jean-Marc Brunet's natural medicine. Like their founder, these customers became retailers in their own right, spreading the benefits of these products.

Our Quebec identity and our commitment to natural health

At Naturiste, our values are deeply rooted in our Quebec identity. We are proud to favor local producers and ingredients, supporting local industry while promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

A commitment to natural health, authenticity and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. At Naturiste, we firmly believe in the power of natural ingredients to promote well-being and maintain optimal health. This commitment is reflected in every product we develop, drawing on the exceptional benefits of nature.

Guided by our mission to provide superior quality products, we have responded to the changing needs of our customers and established our presence throughout Quebec. We work tirelessly to offer natural solutions that help our customers achieve a healthy, balanced life.

We are proud to embody Quebec values of integrity, authenticity and respect for the environment. Every effort is made to offer products that are effective, safe and respectful of our beautiful planet.

Naturiste+: A way to celebrate Quebec's natural health brands

To reinforce our commitment to Quebec and further support local natural health brands, Naturiste recently launched its new Naturiste+ boutiques. The result of a collaboration with the Métro group, these unique spaces offer an expanded range of natural health products. In addition to Naturiste products, you'll also find other brands sharing the same passion for natural health, a high percentage of which are Quebec brands.

Naturiste+ boutiques are a meeting place where consumers can discover and explore a variety of products from brands we know and love, all driven by the same philosophy of health and well-being.

For us, Naturiste+ is also an opportunity to showcase the expertise and innovation of Quebec brands, creating a true natural health community in Quebec.

Some of the Quebec brands you can find at Naturiste +: Attitude, Suro, Pure, Oneka, The Unscented Company, Zorah... And many more!

Naturiste Plus is currently present in Ville Mont-Royal, Sainte-Catherine (Montreal), Vaudreuil-Dorion, Saint-Eustache and Saint-Nicolas. And also on our website!

Psst: You'll soon be able to find Naturiste Plus in your Métro Plus in Gatineau.

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